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My Top 4 Puma Golf Shorts

I love golf & wanted to let my readers to know what i think the best & stylish golf shorts to wear this summer.

When the weather turns warm, things really can heat up on the golf course. So you want something that is a bit more comfortable to wear while you are playing your favorite game.  The good news is that there are plenty of great Puma golf shorts from which to choose so that you are comfortable playing. Below are the top four golf shorts that Puma offers.

Tech Shorts

These shorts give you many options when you want a choice of color. They also keep you dry while playing, since they have moisture-wicking technology for combating sweat. They have front pockets for your hands and back pockets for holding things like your keys, scorecards, cell phone, and many other things. They are made with 97% polyester/3% elastane. Their inseam is 11” and they have an UPF of 50+ to protect you from the sun.

Tech Shorts

Monolite Shorts

These shorts have everything that you could want in a great pair of golfing shorts and a lot more.  They have a feel of the west coast and they’re inspired by your lifestyle. They can be worn on the golf course or driving range or they can also be worn on the beach. They have a UPF of 50+ and moisture wicking technology to help you stay comfortable. They have pockets both in the front and back and they are made from 100% polyester to create a comfortable fit.

Pacific Shorts

When you’re looking for a simple yet comfortable golf short, these are the ones that you should choose. Made from 100% polyester, these eye-catching shorts have bold colors and a comfortable construction which is perfect for anytime.  They have a button enclosure paired with a zip fly and belt loops to make them look stylish. Their inseam is 10.5” and their pockets are side seam.  Whether you are out playing golf or you are spending some time with your family on vacation, these stylish shorts are a great option.

Pacific Shorts

#GOTIME Plaid Shorts

When you’re out on the golf course, you want to stay confident and comfortable. That is why these shorts are such a great option. Their UPF is 50+ to help protect you from the sun and moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool when you are sweating. They have many pockets so that you can put anything in them that you need to keep with you, like scorecards, keys, your wallet, and your cell phone. They are made from 97% polyester/3% elastane and have an inseam of 11”. Whether you wear them for playing 18 holes or you are wearing them on vacation, they will be comfortable.

GOTIME Plaid Shorts

Any of these Puma golf shorts will keep you comfortable and cool while you are playing. They also are wonderful to take with you when you are going on vacation or wear while you’re playing with your children. Whether you are wearing them on the course or you are wearing them during the hot summer days, they will give you the cool confidence that you want to have.