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Ghost Hunting Equipment – What You Will Need

Ghost hunting has become big business in recent years with TV shows and books all dedicated to the subject. Everyone seems to be grabbing a camera and dashing out to capture the hauntings of the many locations around the country. But for a serious ghost hunt, you need a little more than just a smartphone with a camera and a microphone. Here we look at what you will need for a proper ghost hunt. We have complied this content with the help of Creepy Ghost Stories.

Basic equipment

The digital camera is the first item into your ghost hunting bag. A good quality digital camera is an absolute essential and you can also come by ones that have infrared, ultraviolet and other light spectrums as well as normal light conditions. These add to the chances of capturing something during a hunt.

A digital voice recorded is another must-have item and are used for a variety of purposes. As well as capturing those EVPs that might occur, it is also useful to document what is seen as it happens and even for speaking to people you encounter at locations about their experiences. At the beginning of the session, everyone should introduce themselves on the recording.

Everyone attending the ghost hunt should have their own torch so help explore darkened areas. Another item each participant should have is their own notebook and pens to write down anything they spot as it happens.

Then there are the items that can be overlooked in the excitement but shouldn’t be forgotten. Plenty of spare batteries are crucial as there are often experiences where batteries drain inexplicably during investigations so spares for the camera, the recorded, the torch and anything else electrical is essential. A first aid kit should travel in one bag of the party and everyone should make sure they have a watch to record the time of any events or sightings. Finally, don’t forget to dress appropriately for the weather conditions – if you are cold, you won’t concentrate and might miss the point of the event!

Specialist equipment

If you want to cover more bases with your equipment, are re-visiting a location to try and repeat results or plan to conduct investigations regularly, then there is other equipment worth considering. Top of the list is a video camera and a tripod is often a useful addition. Their constant visual record helps to catch things that the eye misses and can be left recording in a spot while you are elsewhere.

The EMF detector or Electromagnetic Field Detector, is a tracking device of sorts that measures energy sources and disturbances to the electromagnetic field. Some believe that spirits cause these disturbances so pinpointing events can be best done with an EMF detector.

Thermometers are handy to leave in a room with a camera or video camera to monitor the changes in temperature in a room, or simply to use as needed. Motion detectors are another item that can be used in unoccupied rooms to monitor activity.

Finally, hand held radios can be useful to communicate with other members of your team in different parts of a location. They are useful if something happens or if help is needed and avoids the interference from mobile phones.